Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions LM Holiday s.r.o.

1. Introduction

Travel Agency LM Holiday s.r.o. is an Authorized reseller of tickets and hotels. We have signed agency agreements only with the CK who are properly insured in case of bankruptcy in the sense of the law of the Coll., No. 159/1999 Coll., On Certain Business Conditions in the field of tourism.

The offer of tours and tickets in the form of a link is automatically and regularly updated by the organizing CC. LM Holiday s.r.o. is not responsible for any changes and correctness of the update. The binding price is valid when the final contract with the travel agency is signed. LM Holiday s.r.o. reserves the right to correction of the prices that arise in the event of misconduct from partner travels agency.

2. Reservation and order

You can complete booking of the tour, hotel or tickets by using the prolink link on our website.

Fill in the form on the basis of which you will receive the order confirmation.

Partener Delta Reisen: After sending the order, you will receive a preliminary price. After receiving your order, we will verify the trip and we will contact you with the final amount. If you agree to send a final agreement that you need to sign and immediately pay to make the amount unchanged (see Delta Reisen’s Terms of Reference https://www.deltareisen.cz/files/editor/file/ DeltaVOP.pdf). It is important to know that from the signing of the contract, the order is binding and needs to be paid.

Partner Pelican: Flight bookings directly in the prolink link system on our site. For orders where data is not entered correctly or the form is erroneously filled, LM Holiday s.r.o. reserves the right to refuse or decline the order.

3. Payment

A deposit or surcharge can be transferred to LM Holiday s.r.o., but also LM Holiday s.r.o. is not responsible for any late payment by the customer. In this case, cancellation or cancellation may be canceled. Reservation becomes obligatory from the signing of the contract and payment of the deposit. The travel contract is valid only in case of early payment, ie usually up to 3 days after booking. In order to expedite the payment confirmation, it is possible to send a proof of the transaction to the email LM Holiday s.r.o.

4. Travel documents

Sending travel documents (travel contract, vouchers, tickets, etc.) depends on the conditions of the particular travel agency, which the client is informed in advance. Without the full payment of the trip, the client will not receive the necessary documents and the travel agency has the right to cancel the tour.

5. Cancel the tour

The client has the right to cancel the trip without giving reasons, but the cancellation fees and conditions are governed by the organizing with which the client signed the travel contract.

Cancellations must be made by e-mail at LM Holiday s.r.o.

6. Complaints

LM Holiday s.r.o. he is not responsible for the services provided by the organizing committee and is not entitled to deal with complaints on behalf of the organizing committee.

Claims are governed by the complaint rules of the organizing committee. The client is required to file a claim without delay. It is advisable to settle the complaint at the place of stay, but if the client decides to claim the claim after the arrival, it is necessary to do so within 3 months of the stay. Complaints must include a contract number, contact details, and a reason for the claim.

Business Terms and Conditions Partner CK LM Holiday Egypt

Address: 109 EL Hadaba St. Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

1. Introduction

LM Holiday Egypt is authorized to use the travel agent’s website LM Holiday s.r.o. for sale of optional trips, package holidays in a destination without international tickets. A business agency contract is concluded between companies. LM Holiday Egypt is duly registered in Egypt and is governed by the Business Law. At the time of the update of the prices and their possible changes

and the accuracy of the data is not the responsibility of LM Holiday s.r.o. The price becomes fixed after the order is sent and paid. LM Holiday s.r.o. reserves the right to correct the prices that arise from a misdemeanor from travel agency LM Holiday Egypt.

2. Reservation and order

To book a trip or stay package, use the form on the LM Holiday s.r.o. After payment, you will receive a voucher for payment, and once we receive a payment, we will send you by e-mail the time of departure and your departure to the desired trip.

It is necessary to fill in all required data, and this data can also be sent by email rather than a form. In the email, enter: valid telephone contact, hotel, number of people, date of trip according to the calendar for a trip on our website. In the event of incorrect filling in the data, we reserve the right not to respond or to stop the order. Please note that after your arrival at the destination it is essential to send the room number to that contact on the voucher or email to complete the reservation. In case you do not do so, LM Holiday Egypt is entitled to cancel the reservation.

Book trips at least 48 days before the official date.

3. Payment

After booking your trip or stay package, you will be asked to pay for it. You can make a payment by transferring to an account or pasting an account. In the case of a payment by transfer to an account or insertion into an account, we need to send a confirmation of payment with the reservation number by e-mail for our review. Once a payment is credited to your account, a payment voucher will be sent to you. Reservation becomes effective only in case of timely payment. At the same time, LM Holiday Egypt is not responsible for the consequences of late payment by the customer – cancellations, cancellations or pricing may occur. The amount already paid is valid,

price changes are not made when the price is changed. In case there is no possibility of advance payment to the customer’s account, there is a possibility of payment on the spot in USD or EUR.

4. LM Holiday Egypt is canceled / modified by LM Holiday Egypt

The client is entitled to cancel the package or stay package by SMS or email, giving the reason. In case of early cancellation (more than 24 hours) no cancellation fees are required. If the client cancels a reservation less than 12 hours, CK LM Holiday Egypt reserves the cancellation fee in full amount of the booked package or holiday package. In the event of cancellation for medical reasons, the full amount is refunded to the client without cancellation fee – confirmation from the doctor is required.

LM Holiday Egypt reserves the right to cancel or move the trip due to other influences (eg bad weather, off-season trips). In the event of a complete cancellation of the trip, LM Holiday Egypt will refund the client 100% of the amount paid.

LM Holiday Egypt reserves the right to place a customer at another hotel on the basis of overbooking, hotel accommodation of the same or higher category. Overcrowding can also be part of the stay. Further claims against the CK are excluded.


LM Holiday Egypt reserves the right to charge the total amount of the cancellation fee for domestic air transport and accommodation associated with excursions of 1 day and more. In case of cancellation, 100% of the total price will be charged.

5. Complaints

LM Holiday Egypt recommends lodging a complaint at your time of stay so that everything is more resolvable and objective. In the event of a complaint, please send your message by e-mail. Complaints must include a contract number, contact details, and a reason for the claim. LM Holiday Egypt will handle the complaint in the shortest possible time but within 30 days of the request. Complaints must be submitted no later than 3 months from the event. Complaints are governed by local law and do not fall under CA LM Holiday s.r.o.

6. Place and time of the event

After receiving the payment, we will inform you by e-mail of the time and place of the trip. LM Holiday Egypt reserves the right to change the time due to conditions not related to LM Holiday Egypt. In the event that the organizer’s representative does not appear within 10 minutes of the scheduled time, you must immediately contact the person representing the person who will provide the remedy.

 7. Age of the child

Prices vary within the age of the child. Infant from 0 to 5.99 years, child from 6 to 11.99 years old. ATTENTION: The price you will find in an online reservation by entering a child or infant, in some cases, the child is paying the same as an adult, especially during air trips, swimming with dolphins, Jerusalem. You will find the final amount when ordering.

8. CDs, DVDs and photos

LM Holiday Egypt is not responsible for the quality of the products offered on trips. These activities are not in cooperation with LM Holiday Egypt and are therefore not responsible for the product. These products are not covered by our complaint. We recommend always contact and complain at LM Holiday Egypt.